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Monday, 23 February 2009

Horseland & Weatherbeeta helping victims of the Victorian Bushfires

Dear fellow Horse enthusiasts,
To help support all horse owners and horses effected by the VIC bushfires, Horseland is running a donation program where customers can buy a Horseland Gift Card at their local store, the staff at the store then pass this Gift Card on to the local Pony Clubs and Vet Clinics affected by these fires to get them back on track after this horrible tragedy. We together with WeatherBeeta, are also committed to helping organizations like Triple R Equine and the RSCA with their efforts to help benefit the people and horses in need at this tragic time.

Horseland now requires your help to pass the word out to everyone in Victoria and Australia to ensure that we raise the maximum amount of money possible to help these people and horses. Whether you just have a website that this story
(please see link: www.horseland.com.au/Email/Bushfire2.html) and banner (labeled Vic Fire preview.jpg) can be featured or whether you can email this to your email newsletter list of people, it will help spread the word. Even if you print the information out from the link and display it at your local pony club or in your offices, it is getting the word out there. At the end of the day, we want to make a difference for these people.